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Pipe Repair &

Reinforcement Technology


Stronger Than Steel Solutions

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Formapile Industries specializes in pipe repair & reinforcement applications such as pre-impregnated and field saturated composite strengthening systems that restore, protect and reinforce pipes, pipelines and civil structures. Formapile impletements products that have stood the test of time and environmental elements; distinguishing Formapile as the industry’s premier solution provider. We work with a dedicated team of engineers that are on the cutting edge of research and development, formulating, testing and designing tomorrow’s new product breakthroughs in quality composites. Formapile also leads the way with its piling repair & protection products. Formapile Industries is committed to providing these infrastructure restoring composite solutions with the utmost in quality, reliability, durability, integrity and affordability to all our clients.

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Syntho-Glass® XT is a unique pre-impregnated, bi-directional fiberglass composite pipe repair system used to repair and reinforce both internal and external corrosion damage.

Viper-Skin™ is the first biaxially, hybrid carbon and glass fiber polyurethane prepreg system that blends the unsurpassed strength and stiffness of carbon with the ease of use of a moisture-cured pre-preg.


Thermo-Wrap™ CF is a custom engineered carbon fiber composite system utilizing a high strength, biaxial hybrid carbon and glass fiber in conjunction with NRI’s proprietary Thermo-Poxy™ epoxy system for the repair and restoration of pipes operating at elevated temperatures.

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Featured Products

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Our patented Pile Restoartion System can be used on wooden piles found in salt or brackish water are constantly under the threat of attach from marine borer shipworms as well as other destructive elements which left untreated will destroy your marine piles.  Instead of a complete pile replacement including expensive equipment and many hours of labor, deteriorated piles can be repaired with our Formapile Restoration System.

Wood Pile Repair Kit

Pile Wrap - Permapile


Pile Wrap, also known as Permapile, doubles the life of any wood pile.  Pile Wrap will protect pilings from marine borers and stop them from burrowing inside the piling.  Many municipalities and enviornmental agencies are requiring Permapile to be applied to all newly installed pilings to keep protective checmicals from leaching out into the surrounding water.


Permapile is a high molecular density polyethyele material which is 60" white and .030" thick.

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